Compounding Pharmacists

Fitzgerald’s Pharmacy offers compounding services in Cincinnati, Ohio. Compounding is a very specialized service; it requires highly trained personnel and many unique pieces of equipment.

Our Compounding Pharmacists can offer specialized medications, dye-free medicines or medications that have been discontinued by the manufacture in special delivery methods like creams, ointments and much more. If your doctor requires a customized strength of medication, compounding can deliver it.

If you are starting Hormone Replacement Therapy, we would work with you and your doctor to fulfill all of your requirements. If your doctor has prescribed the Wiley Protocol, we are the only certified pharmacy in Ohio.

Let us know if you would like us to bill your insurance company for your compounded medications.

Compounding Services in Ohio

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Compounding isn’t new to the pharmacy industry, it has been around for forever. Compounding pharmacists in Cincinnati, Ohio are doing today what was done 30+ years ago. They are working closely with the patient and the physician to arrive at an exact combination of ingredients that can treat a number of conditions without the dyes and preservatives to make it so the patient is able to swallow the medicine or enhance the flavor. In many cases the medication is made into a cream, ointment or liquid. The important thing to remember is there are endless opportunities for the patient and physicians. At Fitzgerald’s our compounding pharmacists serve Cincinnati, Ohio and the surrounding cities in the state.

Compounding Services for People and Pets

Our professional, compounding pharmacist staff at Fitzgerald’s Pharmacy are able and happy to work directly with you and your physician or veterinarian to achieve the best possible results for you or your pets. Remember, compounding is not limited to just you. Your four-legged friends can greatly benefit if they are sometimes hard to get medicated. It can be easier to have a cream made or a medication flavored so they enjoy taking their medicine. Don’t you think your cat would love grilled chicken flavor?

As your compounding pharmacy, we also specialize in Hormone Replacement and Pain Creams. Many of our doctors recommend the Wiley Protocol for Hormone Replacement. The compounding pharmacist at Fitzgerald’s services Cincinnati, OH and all areas of Ohio. We are the only certified Wiley Protocol Pharmacy in the state of Ohio.

Compounding for Pain Management

Many doctors and patients are looking to change how they treat and take care of the severe pain that many people have. Doctors and pharmacist are creating new and different combinations of pain medications that have shown good success in treating pain. Pharmacists are able to focus the medication on the exact area with these creams to help reduce many different side effects and problems people might be experiencing with oral medications.

If you have insurance, we will be happy to bill them.

Compound Prescriptions and Insurance

Prescriptions for pain creams is an area that we have been having great success with in getting the prescriptions paid by the insurance companies. In some cases it is taking several days to receive information back from the insurance companies, but the good news is they are paying for the compounds.

Many of our customers have asked about billing their insurance companies for their compounded prescriptions. For your convenience we can try to bill your insurance company for prescriptions for you. Unfortunately, prescriptions for your pets aren’t covered by your insurance.