Custom Prescriptions


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Custom Prescriptions 
Designed with you in mind

Commercial medicines from big box stores and general pharmacies are not always the best. They may contain some good and more of what you don’t need at a cost leaving a bitter taste in your mouth. Dyes, gluten, soy, and colorings might be the reason you spend more but see little improvement in your health.

There are reasons why custom prescriptions produce amazing benefits. They are formulated just for your needs.

  • Take multiple medications in one dosage
  • Get your medications with your favorite flavor
  • In the strength suitable for you
  • And take them in the form you like

Imagine the opportunity to take medicines and not having to worry about dyes, preservatives, gluten and other allergens found in commercial preparations. You don’t have to worry about overdose either.

Because together with your doctor we will compound your prescriptions based on your peculiarities, weight, tolerance, and reactions.

We are all created equal, but you can take advantage of better solutions to get well on your terms. At Fitzgerald’s pharmacy, we’ve gone a step further to provide medicines in a form patients will enjoy taking.

Don't Like Taking Tablets or Capsules?

We will be glad to compound your medicines as oral liquids flavored to give you the taste you love. Now your little ones have got a reason to like their medications.

Customized Prescription

also means you can get better faster having your medicines as troches or lollipops. Place them under the tongue or lick on them, one thing is for sure, you won’t miss the taste of the flavor that lights you up.

Ear drops, Nasal sprays, topical preparations and suppositories are other forms through which you can become again while avoiding systemic side effects like nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramp and loose stool.
Contact us to take advantage of this unique opportunity to better health and wellness.

Contact us to take advantage of this unique opportunity to better health and wellness.



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