Long Term Care

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Long Term Care  (LTC)
Sync My Meds

Long Term Care


Fitzgerald’s Pharmacy provides special services and delivery to all LTC Facilities and group homes in our region and the Cincinnati market.We have experienced field representatives that understand your needs and make sure you are receiving top quality service, promptly and consistently. We have been helping long term care facilities for 30+ years. We offer special daily scheduled synced med cards, Delivery Manifest, POF, MAR and more designed to meet your company’s needs. Our goal is to have a positive impact, help with your work flow, and help you exceed your patients’ needs. Fitzgerald’s makes the difference. Call now (Williamsburg / Seaman)


Sync My Meds/LTC

Our “Sync My Meds” program is designed to make your life simple. If you own a long term care facility we Sync your patient meds schedule. If you are taking care of your parents or loved one, we schedule and package meds in convenient Dispill Packaging so you don’t need to keep track. No more worries about when to take your medicine or whether you missed a dose. Fitzgerald’s takes the thinking or forgetting out of play.

We simplify the process to save you time

We organize your maintenance medications so they are filled within the same time period of each other. Prior to filling, we will call to see if there are any changes or if the doctor needs to receive a refill request. Then we will fill the medications and have them ready to be picked up or delivered at the same time.

We deliver!
Free from Williamsburg and Bethel locations


Quick and prompt to your door
Save on gas and time


We sync your daily meds and delivery schedule to match insurance co-pay


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